Thank you for making this space to learn from others experiences and creating a more nuanced understanding of trans-identities to start learning from...One of the best workshops I have attended in terms of it’s content.
— Trans 101 participant
Trans 101 with ASL component at D-Beatstro

Trans 101 with ASL component at D-Beatstro

What I liked best was getting to talk about sensitive issues in a safe space and learning about all the different issues throughout society/personal/institutions etc. Thanks!
— workshop participant
I am a counsellor at a residential addiction treatment program for women. Tamar and Eddie graciously honoured my request for them to present their Trans 101 workshop to our clients. The service they provided exceeded my expectations and was very well received by the residents. A variety of thought provoking but also fun activities were included in their dynamic presentation. They showed an impressive ability to connect with those with varying levels of knowledge as well as a range of learning styles. Tamar and Eddie created a safe, warm, and open environment. They were welcoming of all questions while still driving home important messages re: the needs, rights, and struggles of transgender folk as well as the responsibilities of allies. Residents left the room excited about this learning opportunity and eager for more. I would definitely recommend Tamar and Eddie to any organization looking to increase the capacity and competency of workers and clients alike.
— Catharine McCormack, Street Haven At the Crossroads- Grant House