In astrology, Jupiter is the known as the planet of Knowledge and Wisdom. It represents education, and the drive for intellectual and philosophical insight. 

Jupiter's moral compass is unwavering.


The Jupiter Project is a collective of queer community educators who pour their passion, expertise, and lived experience into promoting inclusion and wellness for people along the LGBTTQQIA2S* identity spectrum. Our praxis includes the honouring and celebration of black, indigenous, poc, disabled and neurodivergent experiences. The work we do centres around building critical foundations of knowledge, creating eye-opening ways of looking at the world, and knowing that we never stop learning.



we seek to share knowledge and grow our understanding of how our lives intersect

we work towards a world where we can support and nourish one another


we know that differences contribute to a greater understanding of the world


Your Facilitators

supporting discussion, learning, & growth

Eddie Jude

Creator, Facilitator

Tamar Brannigan
Creator, Facilitator


Community Supporters

LGBT Youth Line

Community Action Centre

Assaulted Women and Children's Counselling and Advocacy Program

Planned Parenthood Toronto