Trans 101 Workshop:
A Constellation of Identities

Price: $600
non-profit rates available


Our Trans 101 Workshop is a 3 hour intro to transgender and trans spectrum identities. We begin with a basic intro: reviewing basic terms, exploring the differences between gender and sexuality, and delve into discussion around ways in which trans people experience violence and systemic barriers. After a break, we investigate stereotypes and concepts of transphobia and transmisogyny. As a group we also learn about what it means to be an ally, to create safer spaces, to promote accountability, and to use and understand pronouns correctly.

We are great at fostering a warm, engaging environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences, supporting one another, and getting involved with activities. This workshop includes movement based activities, group work, role playing, and arts-based learning.

Who we serve

Our workshop is designed for participants who know a lot about queer and trans identities or nothing at all! We strive to create an educational experience that feels good for folks with any level of experience. Sometimes this looks like capacity building for service providers, or fun discussion groups for kids!

In the past we have worked with:

  • College programs
  • Health care clinics
  • Shelters
  • Youth organizations
  • The Deaf community

Workshops are in English. If ASL is needed, we can reccomend interpreters. We provide visuals and handouts for participants during the workshop. Please contact us with any access needs.

Description of Activities


Group & movement-based activity that introduces basic terms and definitions about gender, sexuality, and queer and trans identities.


How do transphobia and transmisogyny show up in our day-to-day lives? What about in bigger systems? This small-group activity explores systemic oppression.


An quiet, art-based activity that leads into a group discussion about identity and what privilege and marginalization can look like in our own lives. 


A reading aloud activity that covers various ways in which we can strive towards supporting and working in tandem with transgender communities.


A group activity where we can put everything we've learned into practice. 


Large group discussion about stereotypes and where our ideas about trans people come from. We begin to explore concepts of transphobia and transmisogyny.


Small group discussion asks participants to name what accountability looks like to them as a starting point for a larger discussion on accountability and allyship.

Safe spaces

Facilitators share ways that we can help trans people feel comfortable in our spaces, this includes a short performance  piece!


What are pronouns? How do we use them? What happens when we use them incorrectly? This brainstorming activity helps us uncover ways to honour transgender identities.

Special requests

Is there something you would like to cover that isn't here? Feel free to include any special requests in the form below.


To customize your workshop and its duration, please choose your activities below. Each activity takes between 10-20 minutes to complete.

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A Feminist Gaze into Sex & Consent

PRICE: $450

This workshop is delivered in English and includes multimedia interaction including handouts, written components and power-points. If ASL is needed, we can reccomend registered interpreters. Please contact us with any access needs.


The Sex and Consent workshop explores what we need to know in order to create spaces where service providers, care givers, and community members can comfortably and confidently reflect on and discuss sex, sexuality, and consent. 

We know that these can be important but challenging conversations to engage with, so we aim to provide opportunities to discover our own comfort zones, uncover where some of our collective ideas about sex and consent originate. Through facilitated discussion, we work together to uncover ways to support people with a wide variety of identities and experiences in a way that affirms their whole self.

Who we serve

Our workshop is designed for participants who know will be working in environments where having conversations about various aspects of sexuality might arise. 

This might include:

  • Sexual health, anti-homophobia, & anti-oppression educators
  • Gendered violence support workers
  • Professionals supporting people at doctor or court appointments
  • Harm reduction workers
  • Parents and caregivers

Learning Goals

  • Ice Breakers
  • 101
  • Social Norms around Sex and Consent
  • Sex Positivity
  • Power Dynamics
  • Supporting Others
  • Individual & Group Reflections
  • Self care
  • Affirmations